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Why You Should Practice Self-Care During Pregnancy

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Inside: 10 Ways to Practice Self-Care During Pregnancy. Sponsored post in collaboration with Groupon and Fourstarzz Media; all opinions are entirely my own.

Self care during pregnancy isn't selfish - it's crucial to your health and well-being! Inside: 10 ways to take care of yourself during pregnancy that you might be missing.

Why You Should Practice Self-Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wild, weird, and wonderful time in our lives!

I’ll admit that sometimes I get so caught up in planning and preparing and scrambling to get everything in order before a new baby arrives that I forget about one thing — myself!

As women, we are often conditioned to be caretakers, worrying about others before taking care of our own needs.

However, if there is one time in our lives that we deserve to put ourselves first it is when we are pregnant! 

Growing a baby is hard work, and self-care during pregnancy is important to keep yourself in the best possible condition for the job.

Keep reading to learn about the self-care practices that every expecting mom should do for themselves, plus how to save money on treating yourself to salon and spa services with Groupon BeautyNow!

10 Things You Should Do To Take Care of Yourself During Pregnancy

While I didn’t accomplish all of these self care items with my first pregnancy, I’ve made a dedicated effort with my second to take better care of myself. It’s made such a positive difference in how I feel and how pregnancy affects my body and it could for you too!

1. Sleep More

It’s not selfish to allow yourself extra shut-eye, it’s crucial to your well-being and the health of your baby!

Getting a full night’s sleep provides numerous benefits, from lessening morning sickness symptoms to increasing chances of a smoother (and shorter) labor.

So make a date with your bed, and don’t feel a bit guilty about it!

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2. Take a Yoga Class

I can’t say enough about the difference taking twice-weekly yoga classes has made between my first pregnancy and this one. With my first pregnancy I was in near-constant discomfort (and sometimes substantial pain). However, this time around I’ve been nearly pain free!

Yoga helps keep me feeling strong and relaxed — my stress level is also noticeably lower throughout my second pregnancy. Just ask my husband… (I remember being quite moody the first time).

If there isn’t a yoga studio near your house, try doing simple stretches in the morning after you wake up and before bed. You’ll love how it makes you feel!

3. Schedule a Prenatal Massage

No matter what you do, the third trimester starts to get uncomfortable, or at the very least a bit awkward as your body grows with your baby.

A prenatal massage works wonders to relieve tension and reduce pain from the extra weight your body is carrying. And with Groupon BeautyNow, a prenatal massage doesn’t have to be a splurge!

The Groupon BeautyNow booking section allows you to search for specific services in your area, compare prices, locate special offers, and more – all without the hassle of calling around or leaving the house!

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How to book beauty & spa services in Houston with Groupon BeautyNow

4. Get a Pedicure

Let’s be real — after a certain point, it’s almost impossible to paint your own toenails while pregnant! I’m all belly, so especially during the third trimester, I need someone to do it for me.

Pedicures aren’t just a frivolous self-indulgence — taking care of your feet can prevent serious issues like ingrown toenails. And who wants to deal with a pesky toe when you’re preparing to bring a new life into the world?

I used the Groupon BeautyNow booking feature to schedule a pedicure at my favorite salon and it was SO easy!

First, I searched for my favorite Houston-area nail spa and selected the service I wanted (pedicure). Next, I chose my preferred date and time.

Finally, I applied my coupon code (see below to grab yours too!) and updated my payment information. Your card isn’t charged until your appointment, but that way you don’t need to worry about it again!

I’ve provided step-by-step photos to show you exactly how easy it is to use Groupon BeautyNow booking further down in the post plus a $15 coupon code to use on your next service, so be sure to keep reading!

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Freshly pedicured feet in sandals on green grass

5. Try a New Haircut

When the baby arrives, you might not get as many opportunities to leave the house as you did beforehand.

In my case, I ended up with an unexpected c-section for my first baby, so I wasn’t very mobile at all! I was SO glad that I’d planned ahead and gotten my hair fixed up a couple weeks before my due date.

I actually cut my hair quite a bit shorter because I wanted something low-maintenance during those first couple months with a newborn. Smart thinking — I definitely had free time to spend drying and styling my hair!

You don’t necessarily need to hack off all your hair, but consider a cut that will require minimal upkeep for the first few weeks after your delivery.

Click here to book your pre-baby haircut with Groupon BeautyNow.

6. Treat Yourself to New Underwear

When was the last time you treated yourself to some new underthings? Even when I’m not pregnant, that seems to be one of the last items on my list of things to buy for myself, meaning I almost never do!

However, all underwear is not created equal when it comes to comfort during pregnancy!

I recently bought some maternity undergarments for myself and I wish I hadn’t waited so long! They look like normal underwear (no granny panties here!) but they are cut to be more forgiving of our growing bellies.

If you haven’t done this yet, trust me – go grab some new maternity underwear ASAP!

7. Take Photos to Commemorate the Journey

Whether you go the professional route or opt to DIY, you’ll never regret having too many photos that document this miraculous time of your life. However, you will regret if you don’t take enough (trust me on this one!)

Take the photo mama!

8. Go on a “Babymoon”

My husband and I took a weekend trip to Austin a couple months ago for a blogging conference. Even though part of the trip was work-related, we had an amazing time just being together (alone) for a couple days and exploring another city.

Whether it’s a beach getaway or a staycation in town, plan something special before you literally have no time to do it!

9. Plan a Girls Night Out

When we’re so focused on family (and understandably so), our friendships tend to go on the back burner.

Make a date with your besties for dinner, brunch, or even a spa day – while you have the time to do so! Friendships are important to our well-being, just as much as our family relationships, so make sure to put in the time to nurture them.

Click here to search spa services on Groupon BeautyNow.

10. Be Kind to Yourself

Your body will do weird things.

You might feel awkward and uncomfortable at times.

Give yourself extra grace during these 10 months – you’re growing another human after all!

Self-care during pregnancy isn’t just a “treat,” it’s a necessary element – for your mind, your body, and your soul.

For all of the discomforts and inconveniences, pregnancy is a magical time in our lives, and sometimes we forget that it is a limited time. We take for granted that we might actually miss this when it’s all over.

Do everything you can to enjoy the journey, and to make it easier on yourself. You DO deserve it mama!


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How to use the Groupon BeautyNow app in Houston

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